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Richard proposes to Crissy


Richard & I will be celebrating our 15 year Anniversary next month. From the day we met, we’ve actually been together for almost 20 years! Seems like just yesterday when he tried to ply me with his smooth talk & ridiculously corny jokes. But I fell for them & here we are! When we meet new clients, we often ask how they met & how their proposal went down. Love hearing sweet, well-thought-out proposal stories. Richard did a pretty good job. He told me we were going to the Hotel Bel Air for lunch where they had a visiting Chef from Paris. Ok, I’m game, I appreciate fine dining & amazing food. Well, I was doing my usual take-forever-to-get-ready thing because hey, we were going into Beverly Hills & I wanted to look like I belonged there.  Richard was used to (although still didn’t like) my lengthy primping sessions so I was really thrown by how nervous & snappy he was that day.  I was finally ready & when we arrived, Richard began pulling out all of his camera equipment from the back of  his sporty, little bachelor Nissan 300zx. Camera? Why? He said he wanted to walk around the gardens first & photograph the pretty girl who took so long to get ready. Ok, flattering boyfriend, shoot me!  Still acting puzzlingly jumpy, he directed me to pose & then all at once, he was on one knee . . . mouth gaping, heart pounding, tears, hysterical laughter . . . I have no idea what he said, my hearing was suddenly gone.  Of course, while Richard was proposing he was shooting our entire engagement. Those photos are priceless to me. Maybe one of these days, I’ll post the rest of them. The one below is after I said yes :)  *sigh*    Never forget the moment the man I loved needed me in his life forever.


Richard used infrared film which turns everything green, white. I love the grainy effect it creates, has an ethereal look. Notice the cord by Richard's foot, he held the trigger in his right hand.


Eugene Magazine – The Wedding Edition

We were excited to find out in January that not only was a Roman Studios Wedding featured in The Eugene Magazine, Wedding Edition but Richard’s image made the cover!

For quite a while, it was hard to find the magazine in stock anywhere. Yesterday, my son & I were at Market of Choice & he suddenly pulled the magazine off the shelf & proclaimed, “Hey, my Dad is famous!” So, if you haven’t gotten your Eugene Magazine yet, get one quick before they all sell out again!

The metallic print on the left was displayed at the wedding show & then Brides were given the magazine as they walked in. Perfect!

Our Latest Engagement Shoot

Kim & Kinzie are getting married out at the lovely King Estate Winery, one of our favorite places to shoot. The environment changes just a little bit every year so each wedding season there are “fresh” backgrounds to shoot against, whether it’s in the surrounding landscape or the buildings themselves. For their Engagement shoot, Richard found this shabby yet cool, old garage for Kim & Kinzie to hang out in front of. Love the colors & the overgrown ivy, love the way they are looking at each other.

Look into each others eyes, what do you see?


And a kiss to seal the deal

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